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Here are short descriptions of some programs for PC and/or Mac in English that deal with given names:

Muse Names
This is a large database of 40'000 given names implemented as a Windows program by the Canadian software house Muse Creations. Target audience includes writers that have to name a lot of fictional people for their stories as well as parents searching for good names for their babies. A 14-days trial version is available for download.

Cootchy Cootchy Who?
This software which a very catchy name offers of a database of 9'000 names. Unfortunately there are very few informations about the program on the ordering page, and I could not find a website for the author "Compass Software Inc." in Indianapolis.

This is another simple Windows program, distributed as shareware. It has a database of 3000 names. The specialty of this program is the possibility to calculate the "number of a name" based on theories developed by Pythagoras, a ancient Greek mathematician and mystic and view the "meaning" of this number for the character of the name bearer.

ImpianaSoft myName
This shareware from a software company in Malaysia offers informations about 2000 Muslim names. It is possible to test the program for 14 days, albeit with a low number of 40 or 50 names visible only.