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The following list shows you what's new on the website, with the latest entry on top:

August 28, 2011 closes and hands over to its (hopefully) worthy successor,
July 24, 2010 The fifth name special is online, this time about Malay given names.
October 1, 2006 The fourth name special is online, this time about Chinese given names. The list is only a start so far and will grow over time.
December 11, 2005 The Hit Parade 2005 for Philippine given names of graduates is available, complete with comparison to 2004.
October 16, 2005 AboutNames Mobile is improved now with better input error checking and a new "numeric" mode for faster input of names on mobile phone keyboards. Details can be found here.
July 24, 2005 The third name special, about Philippine names, goes online.
June 24, 2005 The new service AboutNames Mobile allows you to lookup name meanings on your WAP-enabled mobile phone.
June 12, 2005 The name search is now "tolerant" and lists similar names if there is no direct match.
December 31, 2004 Opened a Download Section, with a free e-book about popular US given names in the Mobipocket format as the first download
October 17, 2004 Added a new special about Japanese Baby Names. Not yet that may names, but it will grow.
September 12, 2004 Installed a first version of the Name Quiz
July 29, 2004 Switched from 500 to the full 1000 names for the 10-year US hitparades (female male). This lifts the total of names on this websites from 2300 to over 3000.
July 10, 2004 Added the quite exclusive Albanian Names Special. It was a surprising amount of work to collect informations about these names but the result was certainly worth it!
March 14, 2004 Added informations about meaning and origin to many more names
December 27, 2003 Finished the US Top 500 Female 2002, to complement the US Top 500 Male 2002. The female name popularities are even more dynamic! With all the new names coming in through the 2002 lists the website has grown to 2300 names.
December 16, 2003 Search implemented
December 14, 2003 Finished the US Top 500 Male 2002, containing a nice rank comparison with the data from 1990-1999 which shows that popularities of names are very dynamic in the US; the "European" names are now also on the name pages together with the US Top 500 (until now shown only on the group pages)
November 28, 2003 Included the two "Top" lists, the Top 500 US Female and the Top 500 US Male names
November 16, 2003 2000 names present (Top 500 US male, Top 500 US female, and 1000 counterparts of these names, mostly European), but still few informations about meanings; popularity ranking information added
October 17, 2003 The website goes online, as a work heavily in progress and with only a few names.