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New and so far (February 2006) exclusive: Information about given names by mobile phone and WAP. The service is free - you pay only your mobile operator for the GPRS data transfer!

AboutNames Mobile offers the same extensive information about 3000 given names as the normal AboutNames website, but optimized for mobile phones: no bloat, no pictures, only pure data, with a layout geared towards really small screens. There is even a "numeric" input mode where you do not have to type letters, which is cumbersome with a normal cell phone keyboard, but only corresponding digits, e.g. 2 for every A, B and C in the name. You type 762378 instead of Robert which is faster.

A query for one name typically causes only 500 to 1500 bytes of data transfer. With typical volume-based GPRS data tariffs you will only pay cents per name. (But if you are not sure better check with your operator before you search baby names for hours!).

You will find AboutNames Mobile in the mobile web by pointing the WAP browser of your phone to:


If you use a WML capable browser on your PC like e.g. Opera (but unlike Internet Explorer) you can try it right here: http://aboutnames.ch/m/.

For having a look at the service with other browsers you can use a WAP emulator, e.g. one of the following two: TagTag WAP Emulator wap.at WAP Emulator. (Thanks to the friendly folks at TagTag and wap.at for providing these services.)

The following two screenshots show how AboutNames Mobile might look on a PDA or smartphone screen: