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Now you can take informations about given names with you and impress your friends by telling them the meaning of their names right on the spot!

The following e-book "Popular US Given Names" contains informations about the 400 most popular US given names (according to the hitparades for the decade 1990 to 1999), together with 300 of their European variants. The e-book is freeware.

The e-book is in the Mobipocket format. There are free readers for a wide array of portable devices like Palm and Windows CE handhelds, Symbian smartphones like the Sony Ericsson P800 and P900, Windows Mobile smartphones, and of course also for "normal" Windows desktop and notebook computers. The readers are available on the Mobipocket website.

Download "Popular US Given Names" (120 KB)
Free e-book in Mobipocket format, for portable devices