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Language of origin: Aramaic
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: gazelle
Info about origin: in the Bible Tabitha is a Christian woman brought back from the dead by Saint Peter
 name variants with the 'h' written immediately after the 'T' (like Thabita and Thabea) are strictly speaking misspellings
Words: tabitha=the gazelle (Aramaic)
Variants: Tabitha  German, English   (#946 in US 2015 popularity)
 Tabea  German

Language of origin: Hebrew
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: dew
Variants: Talia  Hebrew   (#283 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old Irish
Gender: female
Info about origin: became popular as the name of the plantation that is at the center of the movie 'Gone with the Wind' (1936)
 used as given name since around 1940 in the US, since around 1960 in the UK
 also the Anglicized form of an Irish place name 'Teamhair' which possibly means 'hill'
Words: tara=the hill (Old Irish)
Variants: Tara  English   (#907 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Latin
Gender: female
Info about origin: from the female form of the Roman given name 'Tatianus', derived from the family name 'Tatius'
 'Tatius' was the name of a king of the Sabinians who governed Rome together with Romulus
 origin and meaning of 'Tatius' are unknown
Variants: Tatjana  German, Russian, Slavic
 Tanja  German, Russian
 Tania  English
 Tanya  Russian, English
 Tatiana  English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese   (#646 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old English
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: Tate's homestead
Info about origin: from a family name which derives from a place name with the meaning 'Tate's homestead'
Words: tun=the town, the settlement, the homestead (Old English)
Male form: Tatum
Variants: Tatum  English   (#410 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Unknown
Gender: female
Info about origin: maybe derived from 'Taylor'
 in Japanese there 'Taya' is a place name and a family name, with a meaning of 'valley field'
 it's unclear whether the English given name and the Japanese name are somehow related
Variants: Taya  English   (#979 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old French
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: tailor
Info about origin: from a Norman-French family name which derives from a job title 'tailor'
 both a male and a female given name
Words: tailleor=the tailor (Old French)
Male form: Taylor
Variants: Taylor  English   (#76 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old Irish
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: descendant of Tadhgan
Info about origin: Anglicized form of an Irish family name 'Ó Tadhgáin' (descendant of Tadhgan)
Variants: Teagan  English, Irish   (#228 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Welsh
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: fair
Words: teg=fair (Welsh)
Variants: Tegan  English, Welsh   (#951 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Unknown
Gender: female
Variants: Tenley  English   (#668 in US 2015 popularity)
 Tinley  English   (#969 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old Greek
Gender: female
Info about origin: in Greek mythology Thalia is the muse of comedy
Words: thallein=to blossom (Old Greek)
Variants: Thalia  English   (#789 in US 2015 popularity)
 Taliyah  English   (#788 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old Greek
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: gift of god
Info about origin:See male form Theodore
Variants: Theodora  German, English
 Dora  German
 Thea  German   (#463 in US 2015 popularity)
 Theodore  German
 Teodora  Italian, Spanish
 Fenja  Russian
 Feodora  Russian

Language of origin: Old Greek
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: the hunteress (?)
Info about origin: origin not known for sure, maybe from Greek 'ther' (game, animal to be hunted) and thus with a meaning 'hunteress'
 'Therasia' is the name of a small island beside Thera (today Santorin)
 thus the name sometimes is said to mean 'woman from Therasia'
Words: ther=the animal, the game (Old Greek)
Variants: Theresa  German, English
 Theres  German
 Therese  German
 Theresia  German
 Teresa  Italian, Spanish   (#665 in US 2015 popularity)
 Terry  English
 Tess  English
 Tessa  English   (#209 in US 2015 popularity)
 Tessie  English
 Thérèse  French
 Tracy  English

Language of origin: Old Greek
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: manifestation of God
Info about origin: related to Epiphany (January 6), the holiday commemorating the manifestation of God
 made popular by the film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
Words: theos=God (Old Greek) ; phainein=to show, to appear (Old Greek)
Variants: Tiffany  German, English   (#493 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: English
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: trinity
Info about origin: from the Christian concept of trinity, the belief that God has 3 states of being: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
 the word itself has Latin roots
 became suddendly popular as a given name in the US towards the end of the 20th century
Words: trinitas=the trinity (Latin)
Variants: Trinity  English   (#130 in US 2015 popularity)