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Language of origin: Swahili
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: faith
Words: imani=the faith (Swahili)
Variants: Imani  English   (#536 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old Norse
Gender: female
Info about origin: Old Norse two-element name
 the name element 'Ing' derives from 'Ing'/'Ingwio', the name of a Germanic god
Words: ing=(name of a god) (Germanic) ; fríđr=beautiful (Old Norse)
Variants: Ingrid  German, Scandinavian   (#957 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: English
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: Ireland
Info about origin: use of the name of the country as given name
Words:  (English)
Variants: Ireland  English   (#983 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old Greek
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: the peaceful
Info about origin: in Greek mythology Irene is the goddess of peace
Words: eirene=the peace (Old Greek)
Variants: Irene  German, English, Italian, Scandinavian   (#629 in US 2015 popularity)
 Ira  Italian
 Irčne  French
 Irina  Russian

Language of origin: Old Greek
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: rainbow
Info about origin: in Greek mythology Iris is the messenger goddess, the goddess of the rainbow
 'Iris' is also the name of a flower
Words: iris=the rainbow (Old Greek)
Variants: Iris  German, English, Dutch, Scandinavian   (#217 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Hebrew
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: God is perfection; or: God is my oath
Info about origin: medieval Spanish derivation of 'Elizabeth'
Words: el=God, the powerful (Hebrew) ; sheba=seven (Hebrew)
Variants: Isabella  German, Italian, Spanish   (#5 in US 2015 popularity)
 Bella  German, English, Italian   (#74 in US 2015 popularity)
 Isabel  Spanish, Portuguese   (#149 in US 2015 popularity)
 Isabela  Spanish, Portuguese   (#768 in US 2015 popularity)
 Isabelle  French   (#94 in US 2015 popularity)
 Izabella  Hungarian, Polish   (#234 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Sanskrit
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: protector
Variants: Isha  Indian

Language of origin: Scottish
Gender: female
Variants: Isla  Scottish   (#141 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Maya
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: she of the rainbow
Info about origin: probably from 'Ix Chel', the Mayan moon goddess
 the name of the goddess means something like 'she of the rainbow'
Words: ix=she (Maya) ; chel=the rainbow (Maya)
Variants: Itzel  English   (#492 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: English
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: ivory
Info about origin: use of the common English word 'ivory' as given name
Words:  (English)
Variants: Ivory  English   (#717 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: English
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: ivy
Info about origin: use of the name of the plant as given name
 came into use in England at the end of the 19th century, together with other such plant names
Words:  (English)
Variants: Ivy  English   (#129 in US 2015 popularity)