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Language of origin: English
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: faith
Info about origin: the use of this common English word as a given name goes back to the Puritans in the 17th century AD
 the word itself has a Latin root 'fides'
Words:  (English) ; fides=the faith (Latin)
Variants: Faith  English   (#91 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Arabic
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: joy
Words: farah=the joy (Arabic)
Variants: Farah  Arabic
 Farrah  Arabic   (#780 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old French
Gender: female
Info about origin: possibly from an English family name derived from the Old French word 'ferrant'
 'ferrant' means 'grey' as the color of iron
Words: ferrant=iron grey (Old French)
Variants: Farren  English
 Faren  English

Language of origin: Arabic
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: the abstaining, the weaning
Info about origin: very popular name in the Arabic world
 known from Fatima, the youngest daughter of Muhammad (606 to 632 AD)
 Albanians often interpret the name as meaning 'fat ime' = 'my luck'
Words: fatama=to abstain, to wean (Arabic) ; fat=the luck, the fortune, the destiny (Albanian) ; ime=my (Albanian)
Variants: Fatima  Arabic   (#311 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old English
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: fay, fairy
Info about origin: from Old English 'fae' which ultimatively derives from Latin 'fatum' (fate)
 known from Morgan le Fay, in Arthurian legends the half-sister of King Arthur
 used as a given name only since the end of the 19th century
Words: fae=the fay, the fairy (Old English) ; (Latin)
Variants: Faye  English   (#928 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Latin
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: happiness
Info about origin: in Roman mythology is Felicitas the goddess of good luck
Words: felicitas=the happiness, the luck (Latin)
Variants: Felicity  English   (#359 in US 2015 popularity)
 Felizitas  German
 Felicitas  Italian

Language of origin: Gothic
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: bold protector (?)
Info about origin:See male form Ferdinand
Variants: Fernanda  Italian, Spanish, Portuguese   (#559 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Spanish
Gender: female
Info about origin: short form of names ending in '-fina', e.g. Josefina or Serafina
Variants: Fina  German, English, Spanish

Language of origin: Old Irish
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: white warrior
Info about origin:See male form Fionnlagh
Variants: Finley  English   (#204 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old Irish
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: white shoulder
Info about origin: Anglicised form of the Irish name 'Fionnghuala'
 in Irish Mythology Fionnghuala is one of the four children of Lir, the god of the sea
Words: fionn=white, fair (Old Irish) ; guala=the shoulder (Old Irish)
Variants: Finola  English, Irish, Scottish
 Nola  English, Irish   (#765 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old Irish
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: the fair, the blond
Variants: Fiona  German, English, Scottish, Albanian   (#219 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old High German
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: of the Franks
Info about origin:See male form Frank
Variants: Franka  German, Italian
 Frankie  English   (#991 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Italian
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: little Frenchwoman
Info about origin:See male form Francis
Variants: Franziska  German
 Franzi  German
 Fanny  English
 Frances  English   (#512 in US 2015 popularity)
 Francesca  Italian   (#428 in US 2015 popularity)
 Francisca  Spanish
 Françoise  French

Language of origin: Old Norse
Gender: female
Meaning/translation: mistress, lady
Info about origin: in Germanic/Norse mythology Freya is the goddess of love and beauty
 the name of the day 'Friday' is derived from her name
Words: freyja=the mistress, the lady (Old Norse)
Variants: Freya  German, English, Scandinavian   (#417 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: German
Gender: female
Info about origin: short form of names starting with 'Fried-', like e.g. 'Friederike'
Words: fridu=the peace, the protection, the safety (Old High German)
Variants: Frieda  German
 Frida  German   (#851 in US 2015 popularity)