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Language of origin: Old English
Gender: male
Meaning/translation: oak field
Info about origin: from an Old English place name with the meaning 'oak field'
Words: ac=the oak (Old English) ; leah=the wood, the clearing, the meadow (Old English)
Variants: Oakley  English   (#566 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old Norse
Gender: male
Meaning/translation: the inspired
Info about origin: in Germanic/Nordic mythology Odin is the highest of all gods, the god of war, wisdom and death
 the name of this god has many variants, e.g. 'Woden' (Saxon) or 'Wuotan' (Old High German)
 the name derives from an Indoeuropean root 'wat' (to blow, to fan, to inspire)
Words: odr=the inspiration, the madness, the anger (Old Norse) ; wat=to blow, to fan, to inspire (Indoeuropean)
Variants: Odin  Scandinavian   (#445 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old High German
Gender: male
Info about origin: from the Old French form of a Germanic two-element name, brought to England by the Normans
 the spelling was influenced by the Latin word 'oliva'
 in the medieval French epic 'La Chanson de Roland' ('The Song of Roland', around 1000 AD) Oliver is a friend of Roland
Words: alf=the elf (Old High German) ; heri=the army, the warrior (Old High German) ; oliva=the olive, the olive tree (Latin)
Variants: Oliver  German, English   (#19 in US 2015 popularity)
 Olivier  French
 Oliviero  Italian

Language of origin: Old Greek
Gender: male
Info about origin: from Old Greek 'ouron' (urine)
 in Greek mythology Orion is a giant hunter, a son of Poseidon
 also known as the name of a constellation
Words: ouron=the urine (Old Greek)
Variants: Orion  German, English   (#368 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old Norse
Gender: male
Info about origin: Old Norse two-element name
 became well-known through the Poems of Ossian (with Oscar the son of Ossian) by James McPherson in the 18th century
 popular name for kings of Sweden
Words: as=the ase, the deity (Old Icelandic) ; geirr=the spear (Old Icelandic)
Variants: Oskar  German
 Ansgar  German, Scandinavian
 Oscar  French, English, Italian   (#181 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old High German
Gender: male
Info about origin: old Germanic two-element name
 known from Saint Oswald, king of North Umbria (7th century AD)
Words: ans=the Ass (Old High German) ; waltan=to rule (Old High German)
Variants: Oswald  German, English, French
 Osvaldo  Italian, Spanish   (#985 in US 2015 popularity)
 Oswaldo  Italian, Spanish

Language of origin: English
Gender: male
Info about origin: from a family name with the meaning 'son of Otto'
Variants: Otis  English   (#845 in US 2015 popularity)

Language of origin: Old High German
Gender: male
Info about origin: (not yet available)
Words: ot=the wealth (Old High German)
Variants: Otto  German, English, French, Italian   (#543 in US 2015 popularity)
 Odo  German, Italian
 Udo  German
 Otello  Italian
 Othello  English
 Othon  French
 Ottone  Italian

Language of origin: Welsh
Gender: male
Info about origin: origin not known for sure, could be a Welsh form of 'Eugene'
 in Arthurian legend Owain/Yvain is a knight of the Round Table
Variants: Owen  English, Welsh   (#36 in US 2015 popularity)